5 Reasons Why Health Carousel is a Great Choice For Jobs in Cincinnati


If you’re looking for jobs in Cincinnati, Health Carousel is looking to add to its rapidly growing team. Chances are, you’ve never heard of us – and that’s OK. We’ve been largely focused on our work, which is addressing the nation’s shortage of healthcare professionals using multiple staffing options. And as more hospitals and other healthcare facilities learn about our solutions, the demand for our healthcare talent has increased. So we need more talent internally to stay abreast with demand for our services.

Why work for Health Carousel? In a city like Cincinnati, you have a range of options, especially in sales and staffing. But Health Carousel is unique, and is at least worthy of an application if you’re serious about advancing your career.

The following are just five reasons you should consider a career with Health Carousel as you explore jobs in Cincinnati:

1) Incredible work environment.  That’s not an exaggeration – speak with any internal employee of Health Carousel, whether on the PassportUSA, Tailored Healthcare Staffing or Next Medical Staffing team (Health Carousel’s three divisions), and each will probably tell you the same: the atmosphere is awesome.

It starts with leadership. The executive suite at Health Carousel is highly approachable and friendly. Leadership takes an active interest in their employees. From multiple new-hire lunches to monthly company gatherings (where lunch is provided), leadership takes measures to ensure they’re visible and accessible. That goes for the company directors, managers and team-leads as well. Because of this, there’s a real sense of transparency, a must-have ingredient for building trust.

2) Exceptional culture.  According to a recent global executive survey by Futurestep, a division of Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) 63 percent of respondents said organizational cultures provide the top recruiting advantages for global organizations. To emphasize its accuracy, the Health Carousel team has nearly tripled in size in just the last three years alone. That’s a testament to the culture Health Carousel’s leadership has worked hard to instill.

By bringing on talented, highly motivated people and surrounding them with other talented highly motivated people, Health Carousel has created a comfortably productive environment, one not based on on just KPI’s and metrics, but growth and development.

3) The perks. Health Carousel offers its employees a 401k with employer match, medical (first-day coverage!) dental, life and disability, and perhaps most important, a cell phone for you and a dependent. Through the company’s corporate agreement with a major national provider, Health Carousel employees are privy to great discounts on the newest phones and then pay nothing, unless they bring a dependent on too, in which case is just $40/mo. That’s right. $40 a month for two smart phone plans.

What’s your cell phone bill costing you each month?

4) Office amenities. Health Carousel has two offices, both in O’Bryonville. The firehouse office, our headquarters and home of the PassportUSA division, is a beautiful blend of vintage and modern, combining an historical firehouse with a modern-day office setting. The combination is truly something worth seeing, even if just to look. The company has remained true to its roots, adorning its walls with life nets and vintage paintings from the old firehouse. The sliding poll is still intact as well. The firehouse is truly a unique office environment.

Just minutes away is the Grandin office, home of Tailored Healthcare Staffing, Health Carousel’s division that focuses on the recruitment of travel nurses. Not only is the office space new, it includes a private gym, a recreational room with a pool table and an outdoor patio area to grill.

And if none of that does anything for you – OK, there’s a 70-inch HD-TV in the remodeled basement of the firehouse with an X-Box.

5) Unrivaled opportunity. If you’re looking for more than just a job in Cincinnati and want a career instead, you should really consider joining the team. The healthcare professionals that Health Carousel recruits are experiencing historic demand. The demand for travel nursing has reached a 20-year high and it’s not projected to change this decade according to multiple studies.

Hospitals need the people Health Carousel retains. Poor nurse/therapist-to-patient ratios are a recipe for disastrous patient satisfaction rates and outcomes, both critical metrics for hospitals and other healthcare facilities following the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

You want to be where the opportunity is. At Health Carousel, there’s a lot of it. If you’re hungry for an opportunity to earn what you think you’re worth, enjoy a comfortable, flexible work environment with accessible leadership and a willingness to invest in you, you should click the button below and learn why you should apply today.

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