Health Carousel’s Summer of Giving


A woman walks into a small store. “GOODWILL,” the sign reads. Holding the hands of her two small children, who were more interested in toys, she wanders the clothing aisle in search of office attire. She has needed new clothes for months, and with a major interview scheduled this week, she must find the perfect outfit and land this job. Staying warm during the winter months depended on it.

There on the rack, neatly hung is a beautiful pair of black pants and a white blouse – an outfit not so different than one that’s been hanging in your closet for over a year. Luckily, a woman her size decided to donate clothes to Goodwill.

Fingers crossed, the woman reaches for the tag. They’re her size. And at this price, she has enough cash left to let the kids pick a toy. Relief spreads across her face in the form of a smile. She leaves Goodwill with a new outfit, two happy children holding new toys and renewed confidence knowing how professional she’ll look at the interview.

Maybe you’ve never experienced what it’s like to rely on charity. At Health Carousel, we’re lucky to work in a wonderful environment surrounded by great people, but not everyone enjoys a steady job and support network.

We all have a little extra to give, whether by volunteering our time, our talents, or donations – everything makes an impact. As part of our Summer Office Olympics, we embarked on a month-long journey of giving back. We may have originally volunteered for the points, but our generosity impacted much more than a scoreboard.

Collectively our teams donated 329 pieces of clothing, shoes and housewares, ran six 5ks, gave blood, collected pull-tabs for Ronald McDonald House and volunteered 150 hours with local charities, churches, children’s camps, nursing homes and animal shelters. The effort was from the top down. Even our CEO Bill DeVille donated time at a local charity golf outing, ran a 5k and donated blood.

“I was thrilled with how much we were able to give back to the community in such a short period of time and I think everyone really enjoyed the experience.” Bill said. “We’re actually considering extending our giving back theme into the next month.”

Human Resources Manager Jessica Griffith organized the event with the help of support staff and was happy with the results as well.

“It is rare to find such a compassionate team of people who are kind and giving to not only their team, but to their community as well,” Jessica offered.

Health Carousel will be continuing its Giving Back theme until the end of August. We’ll be working closely with Matthew25 Ministries through time and product donations. Your generosity to this point has been exceptional and we hope you’ll continue the mission of giving back in August as well.


Check out the photos from some of this month’s events!

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