Got snowbirds? Flu patients? Unexpected turnover? Unit expansions? Census fluctuations? Need travelers?


We have nurses. Caring, skilled nurses for 13-week contracts or more. Operate your facility efficiently while providing excellent patient care.

Traveling healthcare professionals help with:

  • Seasonal demands
  • Regional shortages
  • Census fluctuations
  • Tough-to-staff specialties, shifts and locations
  • Coverage for leaves of absence
  • New unit openings
  • Facility expansions
  • Excess overtime for regular staff
  • EMR Implementation
  • Improving continuity-of-care (vs per diem staff)
  • Ensuring adequate nurse-to-patient ratios

Looking for a travel position?

We have opportunities for you!

  • Gain valuable clinical experience at leading healthcare organizations across the country.
  • Enjoy professionally rewarding work opportunities.
  • Choose from top assignments across the country.
  • Get out of the cold weather or hot weather or enjoy the changing seasons.
  • Work in a scenic rural setting, an urban research hospital or at a facility near the beach.
  • Live in free, private, fully furnished housing or receive a housing stipend
  • See the country while traveling with a friend or spouse (most pets are OK, too)
  • Explore a destination before making a permanent move into the area, or “travel” within your own hometown while receiving a housing stipend
  • Get medical, dental and life insurance with a number of options, such as day-one coverage
  • Receive clinical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Take advantage of reward and incentive programs, including bonuses
  • Save for retirement with a 401(k) program
  • Receive continuing education at no cost
  • Meet new people and create new friendships

To learn more, apply online, contact us or visit the Tailored Healthcare Staffing website.