I have been with this organization for close to two years now and can honestly say it is an incredible place to be. The emphasis they put towards career development and promoting from within makes it an outstanding place for personal growth. The atmosphere is unlike any other and they continue to make it better. I love my company!

Eli Garland

Working for Health Carousel is awesome. They really know how to make a work environment fun and they truly invest in their employees. Best way to describe what a truly great environment it is, with past companies I used to dread going to work every day. Now I look forward to it. If you are looking for a Top Place to Work, you found it!

Wes Bocock

I have never been more proud to say I work for Health Carousel. I love my team, I love my work, I actually feel like I'm making a difference. it's just the best!!!

Johanna Krogh

You have already done so much to help me, and yet another over the top thing to add to my list.  My family appreciates the support you've given us, and the ability to work and take care of Amelia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

Katie Means

I’m so thankful to work for a company that offers such wonderful benefits.

Madie Towery

I just wanted to say thank you for sending me a beautiful Edible Arrangement. I really appreciate it! I am very thankful to work for such a thoughtful company.

Alicia Meiners

Thanks for the great edible arrangement!! As of 10 minutes ago I have eaten approximately half of it, to which my very wise colleagues pointed out I should save some for my wife… Thanks for the great gift and celebrating a life event with me! Makes for a very nice work environment!

Jared Conrad

I just wanted to say thank you for the Edible Arrangement that you had sent to me. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I was completely caught off guard when a 614 number kept calling my work number on Wednesday saying that they had something to deliver to me. I knew my family would receive a lot of flowers and such, but I did not expect anyone to do something kind for me. It has definitely been a rough week, but receiving that yesterday made me smile. Thank you to you, Paul, and anyone else who was involved in coordinating that. I shared with my family. It was awesome!

Nicole Harding

Thank you very much for the Edible Arrangement you sent for my Grandmother’s passing. It has kept my belly full all day today! I truly appreciate the generous bereavement policy HC has, it allowed me to travel to SC to be with my family without having to stress about the time off.

Elizabeth Hensley

Thankful to be part of the #HCFamily! Truly the best place to work in Cincinnati. #lovewhatyoudo

Chandler Hill

Another reason I love my HC Fam?! Because I get to open wonderful gift baskets after my rehearsal dinner!

Sam Watkins

I am on day 2 of our awesome trip to Cancun. I have to say, Health Carousel knows how to treat their employees with amazing incentives such as this. Thank you for treating us right HC and THS! 

Shelbie Summers

I am so thankful for the support system that I have when times get tough. This has been such a difficult week for us with the loss of two friends but I am so thankful for all of the friends, family and my Health Carousel family that has been there to help us through it. It's such an amazing feeling to work for a place who cares about me and my family so deeply. Thanks for giving us a bit of sunshine on this cloudy week. 

Cady Meece

I am blessed to work at this awesome company!

Rhonda Grissinger

Thank you for the gifts- words cannot describe how appreciative I am! I immediately called my wife, Jess, and sent her pictures.  She is extremely thankful as well, and stated how blessed we are to be part of such an amazing company!

Josh Barry

I had a package on my desk this morning with a Next Medical Staffing branded Onesie and a Baby Gift Set and I was very pleased to open it and see how much this company cares. Thank you so much. Just another reason Health Carousel is the best place to work!

Andrew Thacker

I am a new employee who has now been with the company for 2 months. I just wanted to brag on how amazing my experience has truly been. I live in Amelia, OH and as I am sure you know this past week was a disaster. We had a tornado hit less than a mile from my house. During this time my power was out for two days, not to mention our basement flooded. It was a pretty stressful situation to say the least. One day our HR team reached out to me and inquired about sending dinner to my fiancé and I. This was such a shock and a pleasant surprise to say the least. It was so nice coming home to a hot meal. I told my friend about the situation and she couldn’t believe our Company/Team was so gracious and thoughtful, to do that for our little family. She said, “Wow most companies don’t do those type of things these days!!“ This really speaks volumes about our work culture and environment. I am honored and proud to be a part of something so wonderful.

Shelby Hubbard

Thank you so much for the onesie and also for the Honest gift set for our new baby. We have already put it to good use and Bethlehem loves it. She loves taking a bath with it and smells so good as well. This is a great company to work for! I am so glad to be a part of a wonderful company that will reward its employees!

William Wright